Life should be a Playground. Over the years, while growing up, we have unlearned the playful parts of our existence. Play is in every being. It does not need to make sense, but still has a deep meaning and is important for our development. This work invites us to rediscover our so-called childish aspects, a label that has been taught us only by society.

The architecture displayed is a Great Adventure. Like a playground, it can be reassembled and experienced in new ways every time.

It makes us think about the common architecture we are surrounded with every day. Does it really fulfil our playful needs, or is it just housing and a place to work.

With the loss of public spaces, like parks, town squares, and streets becoming just a way to commute, we have to discover new ways. Play can be extended to an unlimited space of joy, reinventing itself continuously.

Release Date: October 2022

Art by Lioh Moeller | Kunst von Lioh Möller